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As the title suggests, I will be telling stories and expressing my varying opinions. And yes, they may be offensive. Not offensive in the way that you're thinking (by that I mean I'm not going to be flat out profane) more offensive in the sense that I'm going to say things that you might not like. I have a lot of opinions, and they're rather strong. You may disagree, but hopefully you'll find yourself slightly entertained, maybe just a little amused, possibly just a bit aroused (that's a joke, by the way). If you're even the smallest amount intrigued, then I encourage you to continue reading. I have much, much more to say.


Pockets - A Flash Fiction

Paul “Pockets” Paterson always wore cargo pants. Not always the same pair, mind you; when he grew out of one pair, he would buy another. Over his life, his pants earned him a lot of nicknames: “Es-Cargo,” “Hobo,” “Po’ Boy,” etc. In college, he started introducing himself as “Pockets.” In order to help solidify the pseudonym, he started carrying around an assortment of articles at all times: pens, pencils, paper, pocket-knives, paste, etc. One day in his senior year, Pockets was going on his first date. He decided, just this once, to wear some nice slacks, to seem less of a loser. He put his pants and their packed pockets aside. While walking through an alleyway on the way to the bus station, he was confronted by a mugger. Pockets had no cash in his wallet. Frustrated, the mugger became violent. Pockets had no means of defense, so the mugger stabbed him in the heart. Pockets didn’t make it to his date. 

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