London #5: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Pubs, Stores, and Bars

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Yet another entry in my "super-entertaining" blog! This one isn't nearly as long as the last so you don't have to worry.

Yesterday, we went to the Tower of London, which was super interesting. I was surprised to find that the torture aspect of the Tower is greatly exaggerated. Many fewer people were tortured there than I had heard. I know what you're thinking: What a disappointment! At first, I would've agreed with you, but it turns out that there was a lot of other cool stuff there to see: prisoner's cells, an armory, the crown jewels! It was all really awesome. Here are some pictures:

The Scavenger's Daughter, a really cruel crushing device. 

The infamous rack.

Some manacles, sometimes sharpened in order to draw blood. 

Unfortunately (for you), we weren't allowed to take any photographs of the crown jewels. You'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that they were really, really shiny. They were very impressive. Even their table settings were ridiculously ornate. 

There were also some very interesting statues of animals around the tower, because there was once a zoo on the grounds. When we were all done wandering the Tower, we met at the polar bear to walk across the Tower Bridge. 


Once across the bridge, we stopped at a delicious pub called Pommeler's Rest and picked up some food. They had delicious fish and chips, but I had some tasty peri-peri chicken. Now, I'm going to be that guy that posts pictures of his food online. (Don't worry. It's not Instagram.)

After that, we visited a big store called Primark. I'm not much for shopping so I didn't really care much for it. I did buy a pack of five rolls of Mentos for a pound, though. That's cool, I guess. We went home and played some cards late into the night. (I won, no big deal.) 

Today, we had class again. Afterwards, we went up to do some homework. Brandon and I also worked on creating a song for Kasee, one of the girls in our group, because it is her birthday. (We call her Cat Kasee. We don't quite remember why...) We accidentally slept through a visit to a museum, but afterwards we headed out to Westminster Cathedral. 

After the cathedral, we went to a really cool blues bar over by Piccadilly Circus called Ain't Nothin' But  and watched an acoustic set by a band called the Dust Me Down Blues Band. When they finished up, we came back to the flat and sang our song for Cat Kasee. 

Today (and all of the days preceding it) has been absolutely incredible. I still can't believe that I'm really here. One day, it'll sink in. Tomorrow, we're going to see Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare's Globe and I will remember my camera this time, so expect some photos and another post coming soon.

Until next time,


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