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As the title suggests, I will be telling stories and expressing my varying opinions. And yes, they may be offensive. Not offensive in the way that you're thinking (by that I mean I'm not going to be flat out profane) more offensive in the sense that I'm going to say things that you might not like. I have a lot of opinions, and they're rather strong. You may disagree, but hopefully you'll find yourself slightly entertained, maybe just a little amused, possibly just a bit aroused (that's a joke, by the way). If you're even the smallest amount intrigued, then I encourage you to continue reading. I have much, much more to say.


London #3: The Long Walk...

Yet another day in Great Britain. Yesterday was an extremely eventful day. After class, we took a little walk around town... Ha. Little. We walked all over the place. Two and a half hours of walking. It was incredible. I only complained a little bit (right near the end). This a pretty terrible map that I attempted to make... I don't know what happened there between Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly Circus...

From the flat, we walked to Hyde Park, where we saw the Albert Memorial, the Albert Hall, and The Serpentine.

Afterwards, we walked over to Buckingham Palace. Then we went to Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, lastly down to Big Ben and the London Eye. 

We hopped on the Tube and then made our way to dinner at Wagamama. Once we finished up our meal we went and played some scum, a card game. I was forced against my will to dance around, but Kasee, another one of our abroad study-ers, had to do it as well, and for longer. Justice.

This has been really awesome. I'm sorry that my blog posts have been much more biographical and not nearly as funny these last few posts. I'm probably not going to do anything about it.

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