The Center of Change

Ladies and gentlemen, there are times in life when the Universe grows tired of its state of stale stability. During these times, the Universe finds it necessary to shake things up a bit. This shaking, or jostling, can affect any number of people. It can affect a city, a school, a home, or a circle of friends. The areas influenced by these jostlings are called "Centers of Change" or "Storms of Insanity". It would appear that I am caught in the eye of one of these storms. Things are changing all around me. It wouldn't seem so strange if I hadn't been stuck in virtually the same routine for the last while. I find myself having to make a conscious effort to think over the events of each day before I begin them. That can be rather difficult when you've gotten used to doing the same thing day-in, day-out for a few months. I am moving away from home for the first time this Friday. I will be with friends, so I won't be alone. Funky and Earl and our new roommate Joe will be living there as well. It is crazy to see how much a person really needs to live on their own. The change of scenery will most likely mean a change of employment as well. It also means that I'll be changing schools, changing the stores that I buy groceries, the restaurants where I eat, and the places that I go during my free time. An entirely new routine is just around the corner. I am excited, don't get me wrong, it's just daunting to stare so much change in the face. There are other changes occurring all around me as well, but I feel that I should avoid discussing them at the time. The point is, the ground beneath my feet seems significantly more shifty than it was a week ago. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll just have to adjust my footing a bit and maintain my balance. It will take a lot, I'm sure. I'm not looking forward to the homesickness I'll surely be having. That is all part of the experience, however. (At least if I am to believe the testimonies of people around me who have already made the move. I do, for the most part.) So, readers, don't be altogether surprised if the next time I am here blogging to you I seem like I have changed as well. I have an adequate amount of adaptation awaiting me. It is important to adapt to each situation as it comes at you, one cannot become too set in his or her ways. The world is constantly changing, and we must be able to face the storm head on. We may come out the other side wet, battered, bruised, and slightly singed from lightning strikes, but we'll be stronger because of it. (What is it that they say about what doesn't kill you?*) That being said, I may lose sight a few times while I'm stuck in this storm. I encourage all of you out there to remind me of my own words in the event of that happening. After all, I trust no one's word more than my own. Well, that's just about all I've got for you today. Sorry for being truant for so long.

Until next time,

*Lightning may kill you, but this is metaphorical lightning so you'll probably be okay. Probably.

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