I'm Back!

Well, as I promised, I have returned. Finals are over and I have closed the book on yet another successful semester. And now that I am free, I can dedicate more time to writing blog posts that only two people read. Hey, it's better than doing nothing. Maybe. Well, probably not. But it at least makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life. I did promise you that there would be diagrams and pictures, and there will, but not in this particular post. I have to ease my way back in to the blogging scene. I can't just come back full force, someone might get hurt. So I'm calling this a "classic" blog entry. It'll mostly be me rambling about this and that, filling the page with text until I feel that it's enough to qualify for a post. I'm not even halfway there yet. 

I started a new job recently, at Crate & Barrel. I must say I quite enjoy it. I am a floor stock associate, it would be called a floor stocker, but that sounds like floor stalker and that conveys a much different message. Most people don't want to hear about the details of how one stalks the floor*, so to be polite they just say things like, "Oh, that's interesting." So they stick with floor stock associate. Basically I figure out what's missing on the sales floor and then bring it down from the stock room. It's a good gig. You may or may not know that Buster Burger, my previous employer, went out of business. So it was necessary for me to find employment with haste. I was lucky to get this job so quickly. I owe a lot of thanks to Tayler's mom for giving us a glowing recommendation.** 

On another note, it's almost Christmas time. I would like to be able to say that I'm a "Christmas Guy" but in the last few years I have felt my Christmas Spirit dwindling. So this year I am making extra effort to get it back. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes. I already convinced my parents to buy and decorate a tree, which has been a tradition we've neglected. (I know, I know. I already had a post on the importance of traditions. So I'm a hypocrite. Sue me. Don't.) Tayler also suggested caroling. Which we may do, I haven't decided yet. (I told her that we would...) If anyone has any ideas as to increase my Christmas Spirit, post it in the comments. I'm interested to hear your suggestions. I want to love Christmas like I did when I was a kid! So get on it. 

I'm very excited, readers. Excited for Christmas, I'm also excited that school is out and I can spend my free time doing whatever the hell I want, and I'm excited to be back on my blog, I've missed you all and I hope that you've missed me as well. (I know that you haven't.) This is usually the point where I would post a link to Earl's blog, but he's being a tool bag and not posting on it anymore. Until he gets the motivation to return to it, I'm not going to send people his way. 

Until next time,

*You just stand in one place and stare at the floor. A floor stalker's best day is when there's an earthquake or some other kind of seismic activity, it finally gives them something to do. 
**The recommendation may or may not have been actually glowing. I don't know, I wasn't there. 


  1. We're going caroling. Also, did you get a tree yet? You better :P Also, a good way to get christmas spirit is to drink hot coacoa, make paper snowflakes, and watch the old frosty the snowman moivie with your girlfriend. Then kiss her under some mistletoe :) Just sayin

  2. Well, Anonymous (if that is your real name), I don't know why I would go caroling with a stranger...especially one who doesn't know how to spell cocoa. But I would be happy to make paper snowflakes and watch good ol' Frosty with Tayler. As far as the kiss under the mistletoe, if she provides the mistletoe then I'll provide the rest. ;)