Don't Lose Hope

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to reassure you. I have not given up on this blog, no. I will continue to post and tickle all of your respective fancies. It is just that times are very busy right now; I just got a new job and finals week is rapidly approaching. But I am pleased to announce that once finals are over and I've gotten into the swing at my new place of employment, I will have plenty of spare time to fill your lives with my sweetly woven words of wisdom and whimsical wonder. There's some good stuff coming, some of my current ideas even have diagrams and pictures (hooray for visual aids!). So don't lose hope (hey that's the title), I will be back in full force to metaphorically punch you in the face with my words.*

Hold on for just a little bit longer, I'll make it worth your while.
Sounds like my first time.


*If you would like me to literally punch you in the face, I will. Actually I probably won't. I'm not a fighter.

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