An Aimless Post

I have nowhere to go with this today, ladies and gentleman. I only know a few things that I'm going to say.

Today should be a good day. I don't have school or work, so I can pretty much do whatever I want. And since it's early in the morning, I'm already awake, and I'm blogging, clearly my priorities need adjusted. But I'll worry about that at another time since I'm already here.

I wanted to talk about music a little bit today. The making of it I mean. Earl and I are working on a new song, which could potentially be pretty freakin' sweet. The problem is, I'm having some small lyric issues. I think its probably because I channel the majority of my written word to this blog that no one will read. But I guess there's not much difference between channeling words to something that no one will read or to a song that no one will hear. Positive outlook, eh? But seriously, I need to write some lyrics. There's only 32 bars of lyrics in the song but we're going for something powerful and deep. Earl said he wants my singing to "Be comparable to a soulful black woman", which I promise is easier said than done. So I can't just throw out words and hope they make sense like most "artists" do these days. My lyrics have to have some soul power. I don't know how well I can do, but I suppose we'll see.

To finish up for this post, I'd like to let my invisible readers that I probably won't have much to post this weekend. Tayler is down here for Fall Break, and no offense to my vast readership, but she's more important than you. But, there may be a good post coming following this weekend possibly chronicling the adventures of the aforementioned weekend. We will just have to wait and see.

I'd like to apologize for this post. I don't feel like I was half as funny as usual. If you feel that way as well then you are pretty rude. I'm not here for jokes! I'm not some teddy bear whose paw you can squeeze and I'll say funny things! Sometimes I have serious things to say!!! But...in all seriousness I'll work on being less serious next time, seriously. The truth is I'm taking a course on being a successful blogger in Newark this weekend. I lied about Tayler being here. And that new post most likely would've been riddled with lies. I just wanted to impress you.

Or maybe I'm not going to Newark. And maybe Tayler isn't coming down. Maybe I have no plans this weekend. I'll just sit alone in the dark drinking flat Coke Zero and painting sad landscapes. Perhaps I'll dwell on the fact that I have no friends. And maybe I'll also wallow in the guilt that I made up every person on the Encyclationshipedia.

But you can choose what you want to believe. Maybe by Monday I'll tell the real story, because it may not be any of the scenarios listed above. Gotta love a good mystery.

Until next time,

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